“SJIS nurtures entrepreneurial values and competencies in each child by developing their behavioral competencies since the year 2000. SJIS students emerge as creative, competent and confident individuals who are not job seekers but job providers.”

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Children can learn effectively and successfully only when they are mentally healthy and fit. At SJIS, we also take care of their psychological health and growth and assist them in overcoming their emotional and behavioural problems. Our Counselling Department works with teachers and parents to address children's psychological, academic and interpersonal problems. The counsellors at the School are experienced professionals with a degree in psychology or post-graduate qualification in school counselling. They work with children of all age group from nursery to 10+2 and their parents.

The Counselling Department's work includes:

  • Counselling children
  • Assisting parents to make informed decisions about their child's learning
  • Advising parents about their child's school progress and education options
  • Assessing children's learning and behaviour
  • Identifying and addressing children's problems regarding study skills, organization, concentration, memorization, time management, goal setting and stress management
  • Assisting schools in identifying and addressing disabilities that affect children's learning
  • Exploring interest areas of every child and suggesting him / her for higher studies and career
  • Assisting schools in identifying and addressing disabilities that affect children's learning
  • Sharing children's information with teachers to meet children's needs for better understanding and holistic growth in and outside the school
  • Our qualified and experienced counsellors keep children and parents related information confidential and do not share children's information with anyone without their parents' consent.

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