“SJIS nurtures entrepreneurial values and competencies in each child by developing their behavioral competencies since the year 2000. SJIS students emerge as creative, competent and confident individuals who are not job seekers but job providers.”

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Founding Principles of SJIS

Self worth, Self esteem and self reliance :

By the time a child comes to school, she / he has already established a self – image through experiences with parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles. This image is further affected by her / his experiences with teachers and peers. Every action, facial expression, gesture and verbal interaction on the part of significant adults in the child’s life communicates some message to the child about her / his worth, value and capability. Children’s level of academic attainment is strongly influenced by how they see themselves. Success and failure have no effect on children but, the reactions of parents and teachers to success and failure can have devastating effects on children’s motivation to learn. We very often forget that what counts is EFFORT, not PERFORMANCE.

Your Child’s self worth

Self worth is to do with the child’s unique being. It is what the child is from the moment of conception – sacred, worthy of giving and receiving love, and, possessing a gift of vast potential intelligence. Self worth can not be damaged or taken away, it is always there. But for many people it lies hidden behind defensive walls. We make our children realize their self worth.

Your child’s self esteem

Every child is unique, individual and different. But if these unique features and differences are not affirmed, accepted and respected, the child feels humiliated, neglected and rejected. She / he withdraws from making academic and other efforts. Such children are often labelled “ lazy ”, “ dull”, “ stupid”, or “ useless”. These children would never progress.

At Satyameva Jayate International School, we build a high self esteem in our children, which makes them loving, spontaneous, unique, different, adventurous, creative and fearless.

Your child’s self reliance

Education offers vision and skills for variety of career opportunities. Satyameva Jayate International School is the Ahmedabad only CBSE school that nurtures entrepreneurial values from an early age, by developing skills like goal setting, problem-solving, perseverance, teamwork, persistence and information seeking. This enables students to emerge as job creators rather than job seekers, which is the need of the day in our country. We create self reliant, self sustainable entrepreneurs.

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