“SJIS nurtures entrepreneurial values and competencies in each child by developing their behavioral competencies since the year 2000. SJIS students emerge as creative, competent and confident individuals who are not job seekers but job providers.”

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Education influences and reflects the values of society. Education determines what future generations will be like; it will help us become the kind of society that we aspire to be. SJIS understands this, and has designed the school curriculum on this premise which reflects and underpins the virtues and principles that we wish to base our society upon: truth; justice; honesty; compassion; tolerance; trust; respect for oneself, for others, and for the environment; ethical values; and a strong sense of duty.

The SJIS follows the CBSE curriculum and the textbooks and other resources are created specifically to provide children at every level with rich and diverse contexts in which to acquire, develop, and apply a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills. The curriculum encourages children to understand and value achievements and aspirations in the fields of science, technology, aesthetics, socio-economics and diverse cultures. It enables students to think creatively and critically; to question, to seek knowledge, to solve problems to become life long learners. The curriculum helps them become healthy, creative, confident, enterprising individuals, able to work effectively in teams as well as capable of providing strong leadership—young, global citizens who are eager and well prepared to take on the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of life.

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