Top 11 Parents Interview Questions in School

Did you know that in a parents interview in school, a teacher might reveal a lot about a learner and a parent? First impressions are important, so parents must make a good first impression of their child. Parents can help secure a position for their child in a school by providing thoughtful and honest responses to the interviewer’s questions.

Interviewers ask different questions depending on the child’s educational level. Some questions asked by an interviewer to a parent enrolling their child in preschool, for example, differ from those asked by parents of children progressing to further educational levels. A list of questions to expect during an interview might help a lot. It assists a parent in properly preparing responses and being convincing enough to secure a place for their children in a particular school. We have summed up parent interview questions and answers for school admission.‍

1. May I Know Your Name?

It is said that the first impression is the last impression so to answer this question, just tell your full name and the name of your spouse in a very polite manner.

2. What is the Name of Your Child?

You may be wondering why they are asking such simple questions when they already have the basic information. This is simply to make you and your child feel more at ease for the further parent interview. So, to answer, you can either tell your child’s name or help your kid in telling his/her name.

3. Don’t Be Too Friendly

Some parents do try to impress the principal and teachers and that could work in your favor. As they don’t have much time while conducting a parent interview they are not interested in knowing your family background or your morning schedule etc. Anything related to your child that will only interest them. The easiest thing to do is have a simple handshake and carry on with your formal interview. That will even save time and you’ll get more questions to answer.

4. Are You Employed?

When applying for Best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, the inquiry concerning employment status helps to assess the parent’s financial capability. The teachers want to know if you can keep your child in school by paying school fees on time. As a result, a parent must be sufficiently convinced of their employment status and financial competence. Proof of employment could be useful.‍

‍5. Do You Live in a Nuclear or Joint Family?

Do not be concerned about the family context you will raise your child in; it will not affect your child’s entrance to the school. They are solely interested in learning about the setting in which your child will be reared, who will care for them if you are at work, and who may attend parent-teacher conferences in your place.

6. Have You Prepared Your Child for School?

Give them an idea of how quickly your child will adjust to his or her present grade level. Is he or she capable of reading or calculating? What is his or her level of aptitude? At this point, be completely honest. After all, your child is here to learn and grow, not to be flawless.

7. Are You Both Working?

Answer about how your children manage to do school work. Who will spend the most time with the child?

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8. How Would You Describe Your Child’s Nature?

The school prepares students for the future and assists them in adjusting to their first experience outside of their comfort zone. How does your child handle being separated from you? Does he/she have a negative reaction to strangers? Some children do not get along with their classmates, and the teacher must interact with them in a particular way.

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9. How is your Relationship Going?

This is a very important question for the interviewer to know about your relationship with your family members and how that affects your child. There may be questions about your argument with your family and how it impacts your child, etc. It is critical for your child’s overall growth that he or she grows up in a quiet environment. Always give the assurance to the school that your child will get a peaceful environment at home as well after school.

10. What are your Hopes and Dreams for your Child’s Future?

Your response will reflect how much you care about your child and how much you expect from the school. They will also understand what determines your child’s behavior because he or she will mimic your behavior and expectations.

11. What do you think your Role is in your Child’s Education?

Some parents prefer to be with their children at all times, while others prefer the reverse. A combination of the two is OK, but teachers want to know who will influence the child’s education at home and how they plan to do it.


Now you know the parents interview questions in school, so you must qualify for the interview in order for your child to be admitted to the school of your choice. Knowing the frequently asked questions is a straightforward method to pass the interview. Your replies may influence the interviewer/opinion of your child. As a result, strive to answer every question honestly and humbly during the interview.

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