How To Develop Interest in Mathematics

There is a well-known notion that children are bad at arithmetic and dislike making computations. Maths is a subject that many students dislike since the problems get progressively difficult to solve. But, mathematics is the most crucial subject that every child should study. Most disciplines employ it as a stepping stone, and it is also utilized in everyday life. The objective for educators is to continue creating and facilitating interactive activities that help students comprehend the principles underlying maths problems—games that drive them to find innovative solutions and play an active role in speeding up their own learning. Know how to develop interest in maths.

The SJIS uses some methodologies and techniques to generate interest in maths concepts.

Below are some of the finest techniques to get your child interested in numbers and mathematics.

Focus on the basics

When it comes to maths, the basics are crucial, and that is what the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad focus on. Children will comprehend more mathematical concepts as they grow older, but starting them early is a natural step toward scholastic achievement. Teaching children the essentials as young as a year old is a fantastic way to create a solid basis for evaluation and maths in their developing minds. It teaches children to recognize patterns and shapes while also stimulating their interest. Numbers are often the first lessons that youngsters will quickly comprehend, so start there.

Maths in Practice

Communicating about mathematics is also vital, and any amount of maths talk is beneficial. The Satyameva Jayate International School is incorporating maths learning into daily activities in a variety of ways. Children like experimenting and discovering. Students should be exploring, conjecturing, and reasoning in order to deepen their numeracy abilities. Children can notice and explore the numerical features of their surroundings during their early years of life. They enjoy comparing quantities, detecting patterns, moving in space, dealing with real-world challenges such as balancing a towering block building or fairly sharing a dish of chips with their classmates, preparing meals, and calculating distance, time, and cost for travel.


The best CBSE school in Ahmedabad will be one that turns the boring mathematics lecture into a game to retain students’ interest and expands on it with each class. Purchase maths-based board games or innovate by creating your own. The most difficult impediment for youngsters to overcome when learning mathematics is their fear of the concept. The game-based learning will assist in reducing anxiety, and the youngster will start to look forward to these enjoyable sessions.

Link Maths to Their Interests

While some children love learning maths just for the purpose of academics, others are more motivated when maths is linked to an activity they are already fascinated by or doing. Every activity provides a chance to discuss and engage with early maths ideas. You can measure while cooking, talk about designs while crafting, find and create symmetry while constructing with bricks, count illustrations in picture books, and monitor time while playing sports. Utilizing these exercises to think about arithmetic requires us to look for and observe the maths. This also helps youngsters recognize, apply, and discuss maths that is relevant to their own interests.

Follow the above method to develop an interest in Mathematics.

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