Admission Process at Satyameva Jayate International School

Every child takes big steps in their education. Moving to a new school is a major step. At Satyameva Jayate International School, a leading CBSE School in Bopal, Ahmedabad, we’re excited to welcome new students. We are more than a school. We are a place that inspires future leaders through special Entrepreneurship Education.

We started in 2000 with a dream: to help every child shine. The process of joining our school is the first step toward an exciting learning journey. We promise to help you smoothly join our community. Here, kids learn to be independent and think in creative ways.

We’re excited for you to see our unique teaching methods and what your child can achieve. Join us and explore the many great opportunities at Satyameva Jayate International School. It could be the perfect place for your child to grow and learn.

Satyameva Jayate International School’s Unique Approach to Education

At Satyameva Jayate International School (SJIS), we focus on creating a new way of learning. We encourage students to learn through experience and intellectual growth, blending both into their studies. This approach gives students a complete education, different from traditional teaching methods.

Emphasis on Entrepreneurship Education

Our school aims to create future leaders and thinkers. The SJIS Model for Entrepreneurship Education teaches about business and management, alongside ethical principles and social duties. We guide students to understand the business world ethically and wisely.

The Foundation of Experiential Learning

  • Interactive Storytelling: Engages students in narrative-based learning to enhance comprehension and retention.
  • Role Plays: Helps students step into professional roles to understand real-world scenarios.
  • Field Visits: Offers hands-on experiences that connect classroom learning with external environments.

We use interactive methods like storytelling, role plays, and field trips. These activities make learning at SJIS engaging and profound.

Holistic Intellectual Development

Our goal is to not only excel academically but also grow emotionally and socially. We empower students to solve problems and think independently, preparing them for success. Our teaching method and education system helps students explore their interests and talents, creating a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Admission Process at Satyameva Jayate International School

Satyameva Jayate International School, the CBSE school in Ahmedabad, makes admission process simple. Knowing the steps and what’s needed from the start is key.

  1. Contact our admissions desk at +91 99090 09770 or via email at to initiate the admission process.
  2. Request detailed information about the necessary documents, eligibility criteria, and the subsequent steps to secure a place for your child.

Our admissions team is here to help at every step. They’ll make sure you get everything right without any hassle.

  • Transparency in document requisites.
  • Clear guidance on the academic and age-related eligibility criteria.

We welcome parents to come and see our campus. You can meet our teachers and see our wonderful school campus. These visits help you see why we’re the best in Ahmedabad and learn about our special ways of teaching. At Satyameva Jayate International School, you’re welcome any time to see what makes us unique during your admission process.

Eligibility Criteria and Necessary Documentation

At Satyameva Jayate International School, we aim for smooth admissions. We outline clear criteria and document needs for every applicant. This helps students smoothly join our school.

Age Requirements and Academic Prerequisites

When applying, students need to meet certain age and education standards. These guidelines ensure our courses are suitable for their learning phase.

  • Clarification on age criteria based on the chosen standard during admission inquiry.
  • Assessment of prior academic records to verify readiness for the applied grade.

Compiling Child’s Academic Records

Parents must gather their child’s education history. This is key to showing they are prepared for our high-quality education.

  1. Collection of report cards from previous institutions.
  2. Gathering of certificates or accolades in academics or extracurricular activities.

Legal and Medical Documentation

Legal documents and health records are mandatory. They ensure our school’s safety and that students meet necessary conditions.

  • Legal Documentation: This includes proof of identity, age, and residency to satisfy governmental and educational regulations.
  • Medical Documentation: Health records confirming immunizations and any special medical needs or conditions.

Our admission team is here to help with any document needs. We work to make the process easy for you.

How to Schedule a Visit and What to Expect

Want to see why Satyameva Jayate International School is the best in Ahmedabad? Just reach out to us at +91 99090 09770 or through email to plan your visit. Our friendly team is here to help pick a time that works best for you.

  • When you visit, you’ll get to know our large and lush green campus and warm welcome to any parents. You’ll also get to know about unique teaching methods. This will help you understand why we have a great reputation.
  • You can talk directly to our teaching staff. They’ll give you a glimpse into our programs and activities that help students grow fully.
  • We’ll show you around our high-tech facilities. These places are where our educational values come to life and students achieve great things.

On this visit, we’ll explain how to join our school step by step. We aim to match our goals with what you want for your child’s learning. It’s more than a regular tour; it’s the start of joining a community focused on top-notch education and growth. We can’t wait to welcome you and show how your child can do amazing at our school.


Satyameva Jayate International School (SJIS) is a top CBSE school in Ahmedabad. It stands out by offering more than just regular education. Here, we inspire our students to think differently and carve out their own path.

SJIS is not just any school. It’s a place where creativity and new ideas are welcomed. We aim to help our students achieve great things and make the world a better place.

By choosing SJIS, you’re choosing a place that values every student’s growth. We prepare them to be leaders worldwide, ready to face any challenge with courage and new ideas.

Admissions is open! Enroll your kids at SJIS today!

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