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“SJIS nurtures entrepreneurial values and competencies in each child by developing their behavioral competencies since the year 2000. SJIS students emerge as creative, competent and confident individuals who are not job seekers but job providers.”

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  • The Prospectus along with the Registration Form can be procured from the Admission Office
  • The child must appear for the entrance assessment test
  • Duly filled in Registration Form along with attested photocopies of the requisite documents must be submitted at the Admission Office by the given date.
  • Cross checking of the documents will be done by the Admission Office. This will be followed by a meeting with the Principal.
  • For the child’s admission, both the parents will have to attend an interactive session with the Principal whereas for Class II & above the child also needs to attend the session.
  • Once the admission is confirmed, the parents will complete other admission related formalities.

Best ranked kindergarten school in Ahmedabad

What is kindergarten school?

Kindergarten school plays a very important role in a child’s mind, the child was just roaming here and there in his house and outside, was doing all the things according to his wish. A kindergarten school is like a land on which child form seed grows. In Kindergarten child start his formal learning process. Kindergarten school provides the free environment to learn so that child could start very basic learning while playing.

Top Kindergarten School in Ahmedabad

Kindergarten school plays the major role in child’s life, some of the parents think all kindergartens are same!!NO, it is not like that. When every person is different individually, how can all kindergartens be same? Satyamevajayate international school provides children friendly environment. We provide the best learning ways to small children playing in the garden, imitating to others, making numbers and pictures with clay, colors or so on.

Best Pre Primary School in Ahmedabad

Teaching style should be different at every standard, every standard becomes different from prior. Satyamevajayate international school understands this thing well that school is not just medium of passing standards, it becomes medium of future citizens too.

Find The Best Ranking Kindergarten School

We agree that Mother is the first teacher for a child but a child starts his actual and formal learning from kindergarten school.

Best Pre Primary School in Ahmedabad - It could be said that a kindergarten school helps to shape up child’s mental, social, creative skills. We at Satyamevajayate international school understand very well that Children start learning discipline the very first time in kindergarten, he learns how to be social, how to share space and things with others and many more.

Satyamevajayate international school(nursery pre schools in ahmedabad) understands that learning procedures should be different according to children as one child may be interested in clay designing but other may be playing with paper. Do not hurry to take a decision with your child’s kindergarten school because kindergarten is the foundation for the future level of learning of your child.

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